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Yves Saint Laurent #Parisfashionweek

No big deal but I got to see the Saint Laurent fashion show in Paris. Oh and I got to drool at the iconic walk of Naomi Campbell. It was amazing to witness such a beautiful moment in Naomi's life. Naomi closed the Saint Laurent show but she hasn't walked for Saint Laurent in 10 years. I knew immediately someone important had graced the stage from the chill in the air (no exaggeration). I could hear people saying, "no, that's not Naomi." and I was like, "That's Naomi! I can't see her but I'd know that walk anywhere!". Her walk looks so different from all the other models! It was literally the most graceful stroll. *send help because I died.

Being in Paris during fashion week felt like a dream. Unreal. I've only dreamed of moments like this since I was 10. The whole city feels busier and the looks I searched for were front and center. I was just so grateful to be in the atmosphere in that time.

YSL Spring 2020 Paris Fashion Week
Photo by Harper's Bazaar Arabia

From where I was standing, it was difficult to see the collection but I could see the colors and style of each piece. I would describe the collection as a night in Paris. Everything was basically black or gold. Contemporary, classic cuts with tons of sequins. There were no loud colors or extremely revealing pieces. Saint Laurent is definitely the brand for the cultured mature.

Swear I almost cried when the show started. Everything was so surreal like everything I'm working for is actually attainable. Literally in front of my eyes and less than 100ft away. I've realized that Paris is not the fashion dream that I created, but the foundation of how hard I'm willing to fight in the industry. I literally work everyday and it feels so good. I would never live in Paris but that mutual feeling of 'fashion is life' makes it feel like home.


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