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Your Silence Is So Loud

Soon you’ll be grocery shopping. Hanging your American flags on the porch. Stocking up on fireworks, getting ready for the fourth of July.

It's such a celebratory time, right? America the great. Barbecues, beer, and a good time.

How sad that you can live your whole life in delusion. It's actually embarrassing. You should be embarrassed that you choose to be oblivious to matters of the world. But we can't forget that you're not racist. You have Black friends and you don't say the N word or [my personal favorite] my significant other is Black and we love them. So why does your love stop short when injustices are happening to Black people?

It makes you uncomfortable? God forbid you're uncomfortable for a few minutes when I've been uncomfortable my whole life. You will never know what it's like to go on LinkedIn to see how many Black people work at a company before you apply there. You will never know silencing yourself to not fit the role of the angry Black woman. Maybe you know the humiliation of being deemed unkept because of the hair that grows from your scalp? no?

Your silence when injustices are happening to me and people who look like me, tells me everything I need to know about you. You're a coward. You fear rejection from your small circle peers and stand behind the I can't relate so I'll stay quiet excuse. It's whatever. It's your life. You're comfort. But don't think we will occupy the same space. Don't break bread with me. Don't indulge in the Black culture you love so much. Don't dare tell me you love me because if it were me, would I even be worthy to get a #RIP?

But proceed to fire up the grill cause 'merica the freaking great! Just don't be surprised when I'm not celebrating with you.


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