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Young, Gifted & Black

Shock isn’t the word. 

You weren’t defined by your roles, but that’s how you touched us. You were the best version of ourselves and provided us a front-row viewing of what we’re capable of achieving. 

You reminded us of the crowns we wear and why we must choose the harder paths of life.

The hardships mold us to be a perfect fit for spaces created for us.

We can all receive something different from watching your path. I saw physical strength cloaked in humility. You gave your best during your worst. I’d like to think that you didn’t see cancer as a part of you, rather something that happened to you. You evolved outside of it. 

Thank you for your pearls [of wisdom], contagious laugh and exuberant spirit. May 2020 mold us into our most perfect form because 2021 will truly be a testimony. 


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