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When There Are 9

I am devastated.

We’re not even allowed to mourn Justice Ginsburg as a human passed because we’re worried about our own survival. For every “controversial” topic, Justice Ruth voted in our favor. I hate the term “she was before her time” because all she did was be a decent human being; fighting for equity, what we all should strive to do everyday. 

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg with raised fist

I’m sad because a life is gone, but more so what’s next. The Trump administration is not going to honor Justice Ginsburg’s last wish, for her Supreme Court seat not to be filled until the next president is installed. They will try their hardest to get a Republican in that life-long seat. That will mean 6 of the 9 Supreme Court seats will be Republican. There is potential for Roe v. Wade to be repealed and various LGBTQ/women’s rights. It's insanely concerning that Trump could install three justices in a single presidential term.

smiling Justice Ruth Ginsburg

We must vote this November so democracy can fight another day. The loudest message is that our civil liberties relied on the life of one person. Politicians motives will be even more clear over the next weeks. I urge you to pay attention, form opinions and encourage your peers to use their liberties while they can.


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