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When In Rome

Roman Forum in Rome, Italy

I am a history freak! I love learning about the past and imagining the evolution of societies. So of course I had to visit the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. I wish I could walk amongst the people and see the city's beauty before ruins. The picture above is of the city centre so this is where the rich lived and the poor aspired to be. It was full of fresh markets and the most beautiful clothing stores. Italy, like France, were influencers on the world's fashion, architecture, and innovation. The Roman Forum used to be flooded swampland infested with mosquitos. The Romans were invented an irrigation system to drain all the water, which made mosquitos leave and that's the current sewer system that Rome uses today!

statue ruins Roman Forum

My tour guide said that the shops had marble floors and were decorated with vibrant paints and golds, rivaling the beauty of the Pantheon. My mind is blown at how the Romans conceptualized beauty and honed the skills to make it reality. Look the delicate drapings of clothing on the stone statues. Seriously, how can you make something so hard look so soft? I'm sure those linens and silks were immensely decorated in embroideries and prints. In the famous words of Drake, "What a time to be alive!".

chapel in the Roman Forum


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