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What In the Hell

I'm tardy to the party because of finals but now that thats canceled, lets dig in. This years Met Gala's theme was "Heavenly Bodies". I see where everyone was going with the theme but I was just so unimpressed.

Rihanna Met Gala 2018

Now I love Rihanna and she usually snatches my wig but not this year. I think the dress is not the proper style for her body and the whole outfit makes her look older. Even though it's beautifully embellished, I feel like it's something my grandma would wear to church on Sunday.

If the Met Gala gave awards for best dressed, it'd be down to the wire between Jasmine Sanders and Cardi B. Cardi B looked like a queen! She showed these Met Gala veterans how it's done and showed out!

Cardi B Met Gala 2018

Jasmine Sanders Met Gala 2018

Jasmine Sanders Met Gala Hair 2018

Jasmine Sanders is gorgeous on her own but her gown looks like liquid gold and the simple, ethereal braid tied it all together. She is elegance and class the whole eleganza extravaganza!

Now you can't have the best without the worst. These next looks left a dry taste in my mouth like after you eat that bland communion cracker.

I'm like everyone else that drools and dreams of working those steps at the Met Gala. It's fun for me to form an opinion and I do appreciate the art & fashion crossovers. Here are more looks from the 2018 Met Gala. Until next year...


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