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Not An Afterthought

Tarte Cosmetics recently released news that they were making Shape Tape foundations. Thousands of people live for the Shape Tape concealers so this foundation had high expectations.

Tarte Shape Tape Foundation

I was offended when the shade range released and I only saw three shades for deeper skin tones and twelve for fair tones. I've never been able to wear the Shape Tape concealer because they don't make my color. I figured the new foundations would have plenty of selections. Rihanna just released forty shades in her Fenty Beauty line and proved it can be done if a company cares enough to be inclusive. Tarte has no excuse why they did not make twelve deep shades if they were going to make twelve fair shades. fas

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This is a slap in the face to people of color. This issue in the makeup industry is not new news. It has been going on for years and the people's voices have been ignored. I feel like I've been told I am not good enough for you to make my shade and my money is not good enough for your product. Tarte, unfortunately, is not the only company. fashion blog fashion blog fashion blog fashion blog

Yves Saint Laurent concealers

YSL puts a deeper toned model in the ad knowing she cannot wear any of the shades on her arm, but because you used her in the ad that makes you inclusive, right? It is 2018 and the public is not accepting anymore sorry excuses. These companies know their target audiences, what they look like, and they know we don't look like twelve fair shades and three orange "deep" shades.

Stop using people of color as the token pieces for your ads and noninclusive beauty products. Tarte made a statement that the deeper shades will be released in the near future. I still have a problem with that because this notion came after the backlash from the first shade release. The plan was never to have as many deeper shades as fair. fashion blog fashion blog fashion blog fashion blog

Below I have listed makeup brands that are inclusive to all people of color: fashion blog fashion blog fashion blog fashion blog

  • Fenty Beauty

  • Bobbi Brown

  • Maybelline Fit Me

  • NYX

  • Mac Cosmetics

  • Cover FX

  • Sephora Collection

  • Lancome

  • Nars

  • L'Oreal True Match


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