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Kerby Jean-Raymond, Pyer Moss, has done it again! Wow'd the world with the essence of Black culture while making history as the first Afro-American designer to showcase a couture fashion line. Along with being inspired by Black people, Pyer Moss created fashions of Black inventions and innovations. This show was a history lesson of how far the world has come with the brilliance of Black people and a beautiful reminder of how we rise in spite of.

The show was hosted at Villa Lewaro in Irvington, New York, the estate of the first female millionaire, Madam C.J. Walker. The estate was designed by the first registered Black architect in New York, Vertner Woodson Tandy. The name Villa Lewaro are the first syllables of Madam C.J. Walker's daughter's name, Lelia Walker Robinson. The show opened with an eloquent speech by former Black Panther chairwoman, Elaine Brown. "The general concept of the collection is these are the innovations by Black people. I wanted to re-introduce them to Black people. I feel like no one was going to get that it was about inventions," Kerby told editors post-show via Elle Magazine.

This should be the first of many for Pyer Moss and those he's made a way for. I've never seen so many Black and Brown people at a couture fashion show and it was absolutely breathtaking to watch live. It really is indescribable to see yourself represented in anything that only someone like you could understand. Yes many of the inventions are recognizable to all, but this show had an exclusive connection to what it means to be Black American.


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