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Victoria's Secret Shanghai 2017

Victoria's Secret Finale 2017

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is one of the most-watched fashion shows annually. It's an extravaganza of how art crosses into lingerie and is topped off with music performances by some of today's hottest artist. Top models from all over audition and work tirelessly to make us salivate at the grandeur of it all.

Jasmine Tookes in Balmain

There were so many firsts for Victoria's Secret, as a brand, with this show. This is the first year that Victoria's Secret partnered with a luxury brand, Balmain, and the pieces will be out for retail. I love Balmain and the structured style Olivier Rousteing conveys. Balmain still has my heart and had me screaming, "Take my money!" at the end of the segment.

Porcelain Angel Victoria's Secret 2017

Everything was done on a simpler scale from the music choice of Harry Styles, Miguel, and Tony Award-winning Hamilton star, Leslie Odom Jr. The stage gave focus to the angels without all the sparkles and added backdrops that we're used to seeing. Victoria's Secret captured Chinese culture with the purity of the "Porcelain Angel" collection and the powerful symbolization of the crystal-encrusted dragon wings, Elsa Holk, worked on the runway.

Victoria's Secret continues to set the standard for fashion entertainment. The interview, where the angels talked about where they come from and what it means to be an angel, was beautifully showcased with the "Nomadic Angels" section. This was the most diverse group of angels with over 20 countries represented.

This year's show caused a stir for many reasons, but whether you loved it or hated it you'll probably still tune in for next year's show.

Watch the full fashion show here:


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