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I was surprised at the Colosseum. When someone says Rome, it's one of the first things you picture. It truly is massive on the outside but once I was inside, it felt smaller.

inside the Colosseum

There are no seats due to stone thieves. Stone thieves would steal the stone and marble out of the Colosseum during war times and use them in churches or monuments in their own countries. It's unfortunate because you don't get the full picture of how tightly packed the seating was. Fun Fact: there was only one restroom in the whole place!

me looking in the Colosseum

The squares on the "floor" would actually be underground. This is where the lions, slaves, and gladiators were kept so that little area of walkway to the left would actually have covered the whole top. The Colosseum is always under construction because it's literally falling apart. I'm happy I got to see it now, but I'd only return if the public would be allowed to enter underneath the arena. It sounds gruesome, but I am completely enthralled with the merciless, bloody gladiator stories. I'm also a huge fan of movie remakes of the Colosseum.

posing at the Colosseum

So here's me trying to relive some of my favorite moments in time. I kept it classy and cute with my high waisted, bell bottom jeans and my sequin Badgley Mischka top that I was gifted after my internship with them. You can't see my shoes but I chose comfort and wore my white Superga sneakers. There's a lot of walking as you can imagine.


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