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Travel With What Is Casual

Hellooo fellow travelers and story tellers! I’ve been feeling so bleh from not being able to travel. Flights are the lowest I’ve ever seen in my life and I'm home! Smh

To help get over myself, I thought I’d help others by sharing a few travel tips I’ve learned along the way. Disclaimer: I am no travel expert. These work for me and are subject to change over time. 

Naomi Campbell with lots of luggage

1. Unpopular opinion: Pack everything! It has happened to me once and never again. I went to Europe and tried to pack "reasonably" based on other blogs and videos. I brought nothing that I truly wanted to wear and felt so unlike myself. It was miserable! Pack everything you want and budget for the extra luggage costs. Your style and peace of mind are worth it! It is a vacation that you've worked and saved for, so enjoy every aspect.

Emirates business class

Don't be afraid to ask about that upgrade, honey! You can fly in comfort on your coin. I had a friend fly business for $500 extra. The jump between economy and business class can be in the thousands. Do some research, call the airline and ask ahead of time. Also, wait until you get to the airport. If the plane isn't full, they usually ask if you want to upgrade. My personal preference for flying international is premium economy. It costs more, but I get more everything without spending all my money on business.

Booking flights can be stressful, especially for a first-time traveler. I look online like everyone, but I ultimately end up booking my flights through Hopper or Skiplagged. They give the best prices and in my years of using them I've never had a problem.

Affording your stay is very important, but don't decide solely on price. I prefer staying at Airbnbs amongst locals over hotels and resorts. I travel to experience other people's way of life. Sometimes resorts can feel too much like home since I'm around other Americans. I also don't mind booking activities outside of my stay. If you're a one-stop-shop kind of person, an all-inclusive resort may be for you to avoid any extra work. You may also find comfort in being around your own people.

Rihanna biting money

Let's talk money! First, call your bank before you leave and tell them where you're going. There's always the chance they'll turn off your card because they think it's fraud. Also, check the international rates/fees at your bank. Some are better than others and that can effect how you get your money. It may be better to bring US dollars and exchange or you're fine withdrawing foreign currency from an ATM.

Subscribe and comment below any travel tips you have! I'm always open to learning new things.


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