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This, Madame, is Versailles

Hey MTV! I'm Karissa and welcome to my crib!

Palace of Versailles

You ever go somewhere and feel like this is where you belong? That's definitely the energy the Palace of Versailles was giving me. I even wore my 17th century inspired skirt complete with a bustle. [I learned that in my Haute Couture class, relax].

walking down stairs in Palace of Versailles

Going back to my Haute Couture class, I opted for the modern 17th century look. It was between a tank bodysuit and this one shouldered crop. The one shoulder won once I saw the exposed arm was opposite my exposed leg. My goal is to always show some skin without looking like a streetwalker.

inside Palace of Versailles

I felt so queenly walking the corridors and posing for people's pictures. You wanted a photo of the statue? Well you can get that and the work of art next to it lol.



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