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The Year Was 1995

I decided to start this birthday off differently. 23 was one of the best years of my life. I've made a list of 24 things I've learned so far to ring in this special orbit around the Sun.

  1. It's okay to be vulnerable. You can't be rock hard all the time.

  2. Sometimes all you have is you and that'll be more than enough.

  3. Forgive people so you can heal.

  4. If you're unhappy with something in your life, change it.

  5. Do your workout and eat the cake!

  6. If it doesn't help you grow or make you money, forget it.

  7. Move in silence, but celebrate loud!

  8. When you celebrate your wins, there will be people to say, "be humble". Those aren't your people. Celebrating your hard earned success is worthy of involving others.

  9. The win is far greater when you don't step on people to get there.

  10. Always remember your beginning. Let it shape your future.

  11. Stop wearing your emotions on your shoulders. Everything isn't meant to hurt your feelings.

  12. Be open to criticism.

  13. Love often and love hard.

  14. Pick your passion over something that will only make you money. If it's for you, your passion will make you money.

  15. Be the first to say I'm sorry.

  16. Find a hobby that's good for you mentally and spiritually.

  17. Pray so much that it becomes like talking to your best friend.

  18. Say yes to everything new that's good for you.

  19. Get out of your comfort zone so you can grow.

  20. Accept nothing but the best from yourself and others.

  21. There's no such thing as "high maintenance". You've set the standard, if they can't meet it then oh well.

  22. Love you first and always.

  23. Stop stalking your ex. Distract yourself with your goals.

  24. Travel. Travel. Travel.


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