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The Power of Red

I have fallen in love with red! The femininity, sex appeal, power of my crimson look changed the way I see myself. Red is mature, sexy, and for a woman with intention. You can't hide in red because it demands attention.

Back view red suede dress

Every woman should own a red dress, but proceed with caution. Red requires you to know yourself. It's assertive and only for the fearless. Never attempt to subdue a red piece but make it the staple. I kept my accessories simple to let my Oh Polly dress shine.

front view red suede dress

Opting for a simple, dangle earring accentuates my jawline and adds a touch of glam. What's a look with a sexy heel. My snakeskin, lace-up heels really amped up the sexiness of my outfit and my confidence. You'll want to step on necks in heels like these!

red suede dress

You're the girl in the red dress. Don't waiver on the color. If you're going to go there, go all the way!


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