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The Photograph

I hate any romantic movie. Hate is strong word but I do. There's never anything different in a romantic movie. They end up together or one of them dies. No thank you. But when I saw the trailer for 'The Photograph' it was different. Not that I didn't expect them to end up together, but here is a romantic movie where the man's love interest is a dark skin Black woman instead of the light skinned or biracial woman typically casted.

Issa Rae & Lakeith Stanfield

I love Issa Rae and Lakeith Stanfield so I would've seen this movie if it was 2 hours of them just looking at each other. The other part of the movie trailer that peaked my interest was the lack of a negative dramatic climax. I saw many people reviewing the film as boring but when do Black people actually get to be "boring" in film? We're always depicted as wanted criminals (no offense to 'Queen & Slim') or in poor, toxic relationships. I loved that these were two successful people trying for a normal relationship like everybody else.

Dinner scene Issa Rae in The Photograph

I saw parts of myself in every character with the way we interpret love. Many times Black women and men settle to accommodate whatever in their lives. Throughout the film, I saw the characters putting their dreams and self first. I love that they showed that you can have both. It's not easy but it's doable. My heart was full and broken throughout! I'm not going to spoil it, but go see it and experience the feels for yourself. If you're not sold already, the soundtrack is amazing!


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