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The Oscar Goes To...

It's award season and last night was the Oscars! There was not a single female director nominated and the number of Black nominees in any category hit an all time low for the third year in a row. 18 Black nominees in 2017, 13 in 2018, 15 in 2019, and only 5 in 2020. Shake my damn head.

In spite of the blatant disrespect, I was happy to see 'Hair Love' by Matthew Cherry win Best Animated Short Film! It's centered around a Black father trying to style his daughter's hair. Cherry said his inspiration was to have more representation in animation while helping to normalize Black hair. Click here to watch 'Hair Love'.

History was made last night! 'Parasite by Bong Joon-ho' won Best Picture, Best Foreign Language Film, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay. It's the first non-English speaking movie to win the Academy's top award and first Korean film ever nominated. It was a huge moment for Koreans and Asians worldwide. Congratulations to you guys! Often anyone that is not white American or European, their work and effort go unseen. "The Oscars are not an international film festival. They're very local.", said Joon-ho. It's a change we all need.

Check out my next post for my favorite red carpet looks of the night!


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