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Take My Time

It's dang near February and I haven't posted a thing about January or New Years. I did not make any sort of New Year resolutions this year because I realized I could do it anytime. You don't have to wait for a sign or a special day to change your life. Get you and do it!

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I feel like I'm just getting into the swing of things with school starting and being back to work. I now work from home and have given myself more responsibility of being consistent with my blog and web designing. No more excuses of 'I don't have time' because now I do. You gotta love self pressure!

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I have a feeling this year will be one of the most difficult and rewarding of my life thus far. 2018 I changed my life's path, 2019 I got taste of the rewards and possibilities of my labor, 2020 is all about hustling and grinding for me. I don't know how much traveling and "fun" I'll get to have this year, but I have forever to do that.

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2020 is the year I make my mark in whatever industry I desire. Establishing myself to be the best and run amongst the financially successful. Y'all [my readers] are so great! You keep me motivated and inspired. We really are on this journey together so let's get it!


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