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Streets 101

Lori Harvey's dating life has broken the internet again. She and Michael B. Jordan have made it instagram official! I think they're absolutely adorable and make a very attractive couple. Now that the news is out, I've seen people referring to Lori as a 'pass around' or 'belonging to the streets'. Neither one of these terms actually make sense for her though. Let's backtrack and look at her dating past.

Lori dated Dutch soccer star, Memphis Depay and was engaged to him at 20 years old! That is young AF to about to be getting married. She broke off the engagement and news said it was because she didn't want to move overseas. She moved on to Justin Combs briefly and possibly Sean 'Diddy' Combs. Then there was

Trey Songz and Future. That's only 5 men and baby girl is only 23 years old, meaning she can date who she wants.

Lori has no kids and is in her prime. If she's a 'pass around', what is dating to y'all? She's moving exactly how she's supposed to in her 20s. You start dating someone (before the boyfriend/girlfriend titles) and see if the connections right. If it's not then on to the next because we're not wasting time or feelings on something that's dead. The only people mad at this woman are men that never had a chance with her and women that want the men on her roster.

My advice to the public is to be like Lori. If you don't have kids to consider, then date around as much as you can. That doesn't mean you have to sleep with everyone you date because there's some nasty stuff out there. Find what you like and don't like in a significant other. Watch for red flags, create boundaries and move along when the relationship no longer suits you. That is healthy dating, people! Nothing is exclusive until both parties have made it known they're moving to exclusivity, so live yo best mf-ing single life.


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