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Somewhere over the rainbow

rue crémieux

Welcome to Paris' most Instagramable street! Rue Crémieux represents nothing of the Parisian lifestyle. I was kind of reminded of Spain on first sight. Each complex on the street is painted a bold color. The usual French building has similar large windows with "balconies", but they are usually a white-beige color. Mature and simple like French fashion.

The homes are privately owned and it was actually the owners decision to paint each home a different color. This soon made their street a tourist hot spot (to their dismay).

posing on rue crémieux

I paid this street a little visit and I died at the cuteness! I purposely wore my puffy-sleeved pullover to feel a part of the rainbow neighborhood. The white boots are my new favorites because they go with everything! If you think they don't, they do. I opted for my mom jeans to keep the look casual and the hot pink clutch was completely coincidental. I needed something to carry my things but a purse was too much. I love how the hot bright the color is to catch the eye and it's pink shade compliments the street and my pullover. Who doesn't love a successful fashion accident?!

Quick tip!

Apparently, there are no pictures allowed due to the residents privacy. A gentleman kindly asked me to put my tripod away in the middle of my photo op. *oops* If you are going to be a rebel and take photos, don't make it obvious. Get what you need and move along.

Anything for a good photo, right?


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