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Say Their Names

The 'Say Their Names’ Memorial is an exhibit that travels across the nation, remembering Black lives taken by police. The memorial has come to Houston and will be open until October 13th at Emancipation Park, 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. daily. 

I’m sure Emancipation Park’s history is why it was chosen as the prime location for the memorial. The park was founded by former slave turned minister, Reverend Jack Yates. In 1872, His church and Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church raised $1000 to buy ten acres for their Juneteenth celebration. In honor of their freedom, they named it Emancipation Park.

I was so excited to go to this memorial. I saw it on the news and had moved my schedule around to make it work. I felt I had a responsibility to myself, y’all and those passed to say, “ I see you. I haven’t forgotten you.” I walked through the gate and immediately started crying. It was so overwhelming to make eye contact with my brothers and sisters. I felt them. I felt for the mother’s who lost their babies. 

Thank you to Joy and Elise Proctor, who founded the 'Say Their Names' Memorial and to Trae Tha Truth for bringing this to Houston, Texas. The memorial is a beautiful representation of the needed reform we have been asking for for generations. None of the victims honored received proper justice and there are many more of the same stories we don't know about. I encourage you all to vote and keep advocating for the rights of all people.

You can register to vote in Texas here. The deadline is October 5th:


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