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Reuse, Recycle, Dior

Paris Fashion Week 2020 had the theme of sustainability. It's a huge trend right now to care about the planet and plan for the future. Paris is widely known for major lifestyle changes that attribute to fighting current global conditions. Perfect theme and place, right?

I had the privilege of attending smaller shows for sustainable, startup brands. I was amazed at the quality of products and thrilled to know everything was created from something that once was. Unfortunately, I was disappointed with the internationally-known brands, who called themselves actively participating in global sustainability.

Dior Spring 2020 runway design

Dior has never failed at bringing the awe and glamour to fashion week. If I could attend any fashion house's show, Dior is definitely in my top 3. Dior Spring 2020 had a rustic garden display for the runway. Models walked on dirt while attendees sat on hay bails. Super cute, creative and fit the natural fashion week theme perfectly. The collection was just as beautiful. Everything had neutral tones and light fabrics while still showcasing the luxury of the designs.

Dior Spring 2020 collection

As I did more research, I was pissed to find out that none of the pieces were made of sustainable materials. This was the chance for a major luxury brand to pave the way for change and maybe others would follow. Imagine if the whole collection was made of recyclable threads and they proudly advertised that. Dior has no problem with sales, but I truly believe people would be more inclined to choose Dior instead of a competing luxury brand. Dior didn't even have to use recyclable threads for future collections, but it was something to try. Dior did not try and it's upsetting.

Dior models Spring 2020 collection

It's complete BS that Maria Grazia Chiuri [creative director of Dior] chose to hop on the 'save the world' trend, but actually did nothing to save the world. The fashion industry is the second most pollutant causing industry. The industry says they're making changes to fix what they've broken, but this just showed me that the people who can make a difference blatantly choose not to. Do better, Dior.


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