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Pandemic Pick Me Up

What's the moment it feels like the holidays for you? There's always a little lag for me since it's hot until

mid-December here in Texas. I've always wanted to experience a snow white Christmas. This year is worse because we're 3 days away from Christmas and it just feels like a regular Tuesday. It's most likely my inability to celebrate and do my normal holiday routines, like attending big Christmas events or partying all night for New Years.

I needed a pick me up to get me back to my jolly self and what better way than dressing up and going out. By going out I mean to the grocery store and Target lol. It still feels like a billion degrees here to me so I kept my fabrics light.

I wanted to wear my new, gorgeous Amina Muaddi heels, but keep the look casual. My mom jeans were the perfect amount of crop to showcase the shoes and always pair well with any top. I chose my vintage Jimi Hendrix top because it's the softest shirt I own and the colors are just as vibrant as the heels.

The look was a little too casual with a t-shirt and jeans, so I threw on my popular pinstripe blazer to dress it up. I topped everything with layered, gold necklaces, Betsey Johnson sunglasses and my favorite Von Dutch mini bag. Minimal makeup and lots of sunshine on my face had me feeling lifted and chic!


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