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NYFW 2021

Everything since graduating college has been up in the air and unknown. I have a big picture of where I see my career, but its the smaller details that seem so hard to attain. I’ve been diligent in making room for myself in the fashion industry, but its almost impossible without connections. So I did what I do best and took a huge risk of moving to NYC for two weeks during NYFW to properly introduce myself to the city. Here’s how it went…

Christian Siriano kicked off Fashion Week with a tropical-colored, 70s inspired collection. Music was performed live by Marina and the front row was full of stars like Lil Kim, Aquaria, Katie Holmes and Busy Phillips! [Your girl sat second row.] This wasn't my first notable fashion show nor my first time sitting in the audience of one, but it still felt surreal. I've worked myself to tears to be allowed into these exclusive spaces and sitting behind/across top industry people was that fire to be bigger I was missing back home.

Moschino was a major production and oh so cute! Honestly, none of the clothes fit my wardrobe style, but I adored the garden tea party aesthetic. Everybody who was anybody was at this event! Caresha (Yung Miami), Quincy, Coi Leray, Jasmine Sanders, Taraji P. Henson and more stepped out for this show. The highlight of the show was definitely Gigi Hadid and her baby bottle pop!

That same evening I did a quick change to attend the private Saks party at L'Avenue. Cocktail attire required so I opted for a satin wrap dress with a thigh slit from Zara and my rhinestone Amina Muaddi mules. This party was insane! Let me say that Bretman Rock is the sweetest person ever and he smells soooo good. [I completely forgot to ask what scent it was ugh.] From YouTubers, NBA ballers, drag superstars and me, you wish you were on the list lol. I'll take hob-knobbing with the rich and famous over champagne any day of the week. Saks gave me New Years in September!

There's more honey! I got home late, just to wake up early and head to Bibhu Mohapatra's artelier in Tribeca. Bibhu creates magic and is the fairy godmother to anyone wanting to be Cinderella. I worked behind the scenes helping models with quick changes, so I didn't actually see this show. But this is where I met my fashion family. I adore the friendships that developed and the kindness and humility Bibhu showed everyone. You can watch Bibhu Mohapatra's full show here: Spring/Summer NYFW 2022

New York Fashion Week ended with Staud for me and it was bittersweet. I'm so grateful to have experienced it all, but now it would be over and I'd have to return to Texas. I will say that I returned home with many new friends and multiple interviews, so I don't plan on being in Texas for long. I think these exclusive events will become the norm for me so keep watch!

See Staud here: Fireworks end NYFW!


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