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New Year, Same Me, Different Mindset

First, Happy Holidays my loves! I hope your break was as wonderful as you could imagine.

December is like a whole month of celebrating. You just saw your family for Thanksgiving just to turn around and see them again for Christmas. It doesn't stop there because here comes New Years. Everywhere you look you see a caption or a post about, "New Year. New Me.".

Well, they're not wrong. It's definitely a new year but I'm still me. There was no miraculous transformation while I was sleeping.

sleeping in sunlight

2019, I'm rewiring my mind; changing the way I think and act. I see everyone run to the gym on January 2nd and fitness is great but when you think healthier thoughts, your body and soul will follow.

I'm so used to being focused on myself that I create this lonely space for myself. Relationships with others is now just as important to me as my own self-care. It's not something that happens over night or even a year but start your transformation every morning that you're able to open your eyes and breathe.

Woman in white lace bodysuit

May you always be in high spirits, excellent health, and the love you give return to you multiplied. Happy New Year, my loves!


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