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NAACP Awards 2020

"Tell your friends to pull up." - Rihanna

Rihanna president's award 51st NAACP

Rihanna was awarded the President's Award for her fundraising and charitable donations. I'll always remember her commencement speech where she said, "If you have a dollar, then you have plenty to share." Rihanna's actions kept me inspired to share when I had the funds and use my voice when I didn't. She spoke of how unity was the only way to fix the problems we have in our world. There's too much of 'that's not my problem' and lots of waiting on someone else to be the hero. If you live on this planet and have day to day interactions with various people, then it is your problem too.

I'm always thrilled to see my favorites win! Lizzo always representing for the big and beautiful Black women and Elaine Welteroth took home the 'Best Literary Work' for her autobiography, More Than Enough. I have talked about this book in numerous posts. It doesn't matter if you're female or Black, it's a book to inspire and encourage you to live in your truths. It wasn't a New York Times bestseller for no reason. I'm grateful to be walking among such powerful people in a world changing for the better. We are resilient.

To hear Rihanna's full speech, watch the video below. Be sure to check out some of my favorite red carpet looks as well.


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