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I've been asked many times about who takes my photos. It's funny that people are surprised that I shoot and edit my own photos. Thanks to quarantine, I have plenty of time to share my tricks, apps, equipment that you need to get that instagram-worthy shot.

What Is Casual instagram page

First! Follow my instagram @whatiscasual. I post fantastic pictures and videos that don't always make it to my blog. You gotta keep up with me!

I take all my photos on my iPhone 8 plus...shocker! I find cameras to be really inconvenient at this point in my blogging journey. I never have it on me when I need it, it's heavy and so expensive that I don't want to have it on me all the time. Butttt I never leave the house without my iPhone and the camera is amazing. Win Win! I do plan on upgrading to the iPhone 11 Pro Max soon. It's basically a handheld DSLR camera and I need it to get to the next level of photo taking.

I don't always have someone to take pictures of me and I don't like asking random people because it's weird, duh. So I bought a tripod and phone attachment for the tripod. The tripod can raise to 3 different heights and change angle. The phone attachment screws onto the tripod and it adjustable for any phone. My tripod is from Best Buy and the phone attachment from Amazon and I have linked them for y'all. Both will cost you less than $35! Yasss to budget finds!

Since I take photos on my photo, I usually edit on my phone or iPad. It's quick since its the same device and beginner friendly. I basically only use the Facetune 2 app and Photo Editor. I had adobe photoshop, VSCO and all that other stuff but these are my favorites. They're free and so easy to use. I'm going to record and show y'all how I use these apps in my next blog post. Stay tuned!


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