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Mail It In

There’s so much information going around about absentee voting. That’s mail-in voting, if you’re unfamiliar with the term. I have compiled pertinent information for those that may be feeling lost. There are links from credible sources for the details I miss. You need those details so definitely check the links out!

I do not live in a state where I qualify for mail-in voting. I will be at my polling place, voting in person come November 3rd. ( I actually plan on voting early, but November 3rd is election day if you can’t.)

Why vote?

Other than the obvious reason that your vote counts, you should be exercising the right that someone died for you to have. There was a time when everyone who was not rich, could not vote. There is an ancestor that fought and died for you to vote, whether you're Black, White, male, female or how ever you choose to identify. If you're not going to vote for yourself, then at least vote for them.

The Facts

Every state has different rules regarding mail-in voting so double check what they are for the state you're registered to vote in. Some states have mailed ballots to each registered voter and others require reason for absentee ballots or only allow senior citizens and Americans living out of the country. Click here to see the rules for each state:

Don’t believe the hype that mail-in voting is not secure! Americans have voted by mail for decades and the government takes certain precautions to ensure security. Trump and his administration have put out lies that the 2020 election will be "rigged". Experts have debunked the rumors as they are FALSE! There will be a delay in knowing the election result due to all the ballots being mailed in, but that is not a problem. Check out Teen Vogue's absentee voting facts:

Make It Count

Watch your dates! Each state has different dates for registration, ballot requests, etc. Request your ballot in enough time for it to arrive to you and for you send it back to your local officials. Some states are only counting ballots received by a certain time. Most states [and USPS] will give you a ballot code. You can check your ballot's status online like a regular tracking number. This is not all states, so check. If your ballot doesn’t reach it's destination, head to your polling place and explore your options. YOU CANNOT VOTE TWICE, but there are provisional ballots.

Fill out the form in the correct color ink (usually black or blue). No pencil, red pen, green, purple, pink...

Sign the ballot with your regular, cursive signature. Don't initial it, print it or scribble it.

Please, Please don't forget the stamp and return address!

Here are more tips:

HAPPY VOTING! Leave a comment below of any helpful tips or commentary about absentee voting.


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