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Madam Vice-President

We did it! Trump is on his way out of the oval office to give way to Joe Biden! It's out with orange and in with white? Madam Vice-President Kamala Harris gave her acceptance speech in a historic white suit. Throughout history we've seen the importance of the color white.

Madam VP Kamala Harris white suit

Women wore white during the Women's Suffrage movement. They were fighting for their right to vote and fighting the idea that a real woman was one who was submissive and concerned only with family and home. The diverse congresswomen of the House of Representatives wore white to the 2019 State of the Union Address. It was a sign of solidarity that women would never go back to being invisible.

White holds significance for Black people. We wear all white to our most special occasions, like 50th anniversaries, baptisms, Easter Sunday. There's a saying "I wear white when I'm feeling godly." Wearing white represents closeness to God and it's symbolism for new beginnings. When I saw Madam VP make her entrance in the Carolina Herrera suit, I knew her outfit choice was deliberate. It was a celebration, so she picked a person of color, female designer and even wore a bow tie blouse similar to working women's uniforms in the 60s. I love when fashion and politics cross paths because I'm right there in the center of it. Madame VP told us that hope and change was coming with her outfit. What we wears will speaks the loudest about who we are and what we come to do.


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