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Love Is Blind?

I just finished the Netflix series 'Love Is Blind'. The ultimate goal of the show is to find your life partner and get married. The contestants' phones are taken away and they have no contact with family, friends or social media. They live separated by gender in a split house.

Love Is Blind pods

They spend hours of their days talking to the opposite sex in these "pods". You build a romantic, emotional connection based on personality. They don't get to see one another, touch or describe themselves. I'm not going to tell you the whole show. It's interesting and I do recommend it.

You have the basis now... I think love can't be blind. Not anything shallow or superficial but there is such a thing as sexual attraction. I don't know about y'all but I want to be sexually attracted to my husband. All the emotional connection you make in the pods is not going to make you sexually attracted to someone. It's there or it isn't.

I read other blogger's thoughts and saw a lot of "you can't fall in love in a month". I have to disagree. I'm not some lovestruck dummy but when you know, you know. It's not like the contestants went on 3 dates and decided to jump the broom. They spent hours of everyday talking to one another. Time seems to go by way faster and without social media it probably felt like a lifetime.

The show is cute considering I hate romantic reality tv. The Bachelor/Bachelorette is dumb AF. I wouldn't be caught dead competing for a man's attention. 'Love Is Blind' is an intriguing take on love. I'm curious to see if there will be a second season but I suspect because it did really well with views. I'd love to see some LGBTQ and how the show would keep them separate considering they may identify as the same gender. You caught my attention Netflix. I'm all in so give it to me!


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