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Look Back At It

Fashion is always moving forward. We focus on what's in front of us and go from there. But what about the back? The back of fashion is always overlooked or a second thought. I was able to attend the 'Backside Dos À La Mode' which focuses on the beauty of the back of fashion.

I have always loved the back of anything. There's mystery and sex appeal to the human backside. The back can be so simple and scandalous because it's not often seen. Many of my formal outfits will have the focus on the back and it allows for the perfect, sultry over the shoulder look. (See my high school prom dress below).

back of Monique Lhuillier gown

I wowed at prom with this Monique Lhuillier gown. It actually sparked my love for a low back design. It accentuates the muscle tone of the shoulder blades while literally pointing and drawing the eye to the shapely derriere. Doja Cat said it best, "if you could see it from the front, wait 'til you see it from the back!"

Here are some of my favorite gowns from the exhibit.


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