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Lol I’m Dead

Y’all want to see some dead people? I spent some time in the catacombs in Paris. I did not know this place existed and I swore people were lying to me. Buttttt I'm a sucker for anything ghostly because I don't believe in ghost, so I had to see for myself.

skull heart in Catacombs Paris

These underground tunnels house over 6 million Parisian skeletons. These people had died of disease, festering wounds, and other disgustingly interesting things. The bones are arranged in decorative displays. I think to really play on the whole "there's beauty in death" thing. People say you're not supposed to touch the bones because it's bad luck, buttttt I don't believe in bad luck either so I may or may not have poked a skull or two.

bald girl at Catacombs well in Paris

I did opt out of making a wish at this well. I'm not saying I was scared or anything, but that was just a little too eerie. The tunnels are miles long and thousands of feet underground which concerned me for a couple reasons. First, I was worried about the smell. The bones are forever old and I doubt there is fresh air circulating. Thankfully there was no stench.

skull and bones Catacombs display Paris

Second, how sturdy is this stone ceiling? Actually pretty sturdy! The city of Paris reinforced old beams and added new ones to prevent cave ins. Beware if you have fear of closed in spaces or are over 6'0 feet tall. The tunnels can get tight and the ceilings low in certain areas.

me at Jim Morrison's grave in Paris

To stick to my spooky schedule, here lies the Lizard King, Jim Morrison. I'll admit I'm not a crazed #1 fan of The Doors, but my best friend Sophie is. There is a fence, camera/motion detector, and alarm system protecting this gravesite since people can't control themselves. I let Sophie live vicariously through me for a day and jumped the fence to get this picture for her. The things we do for the ones we love.


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