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Lizzo-My God (Pt. 2)

I could not contain my joy into one post of this year's Grammys. If there was a queen reigning that night, it was Miss Lizzo! She is a fellow Houstonian like myself, what up S.W.A.T! For those of you who aren't from Houston, S.W.A.T is SouthWest Alief Texas, where Lizzo is from. Babygirl also took home 3 Grammys at her first Grammys okayyyyyy!

She looked so golden and delicious and I was eating it up! Her red carpet look gave me old Hollywood glamour. Who doesn't love a white fur shawl?! The dress was Artelier Versace and she really redeemed herself from that cheeky NBA debacle. Her Grammy acceptance gown was absolutely stunning! It was not Vincent van Gogh but it was definitely a starry night. The shape of the Christian Siriano dress draped beautifully without swallowing her shape. An off-shoulder will always be a winner for me because the décolletage is one of the most beautiful parts on a woman.

If you thought it couldn't get better then be disappointed. Lizzo brought out another Atelier Versace gown, but stayed true to no-shame game. The dress was sheer and decorated in the shiniest tinsel-like crystals. A star looking like a star.

Thank you Lizzo for your beautiful representation of us. You always use Black women and highlight our talents. It's rare enough to be a Black pointe ballet dancer, but plus-size too! Freje Randall is a 17 year old from Houston (second picture). I appreciate any artists who pay attention to every detail so I peeped the durags the ballerinas wore. Lizzo represents for the H always and celebrated her 3 Grammys in the most dirty south the strip club. Houston like Atlanta is known for the strip clubs so I was living! Congrats babyyyy!


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