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Light It Up

Arteliers des Lumières was my most absolute favorite place in Paris! It was so beautiful I actually teared up a bit. The whole experience just enveloped you in the mind of Vincent van Gogh and I wish my eyes could record so you all could see what I saw. My pictures are great but do no justice to this phenomenal show. The best part about that is y'all can go to Paris and fall in love like I did.

I recommend going to the second floor so you get the full view. The soundtrack was really what made the experience. The show featured jazz, classical, blues and soothing sounds to match the feeling of the artwork. I was really disappointed that Arteliers des Lumières didn't sell the CD. Maybe that's an American thing?

black & white at Arteliers des lumières

There's no noise allowed or flash photography which really kept the distractions to a minimum. The location used to be an old mill and is part of Paris' refurbishing project. Paris has a lot of old, uninhabited buildings and instead of tearing them down, Paris flips them into different art/educational spaces. It's great for the public, beauty of the city, and tourists. America needs to take notes because I know whole areas in Houston that could use some flipping for the better.

Starry Night at Arteliers des Lumières

I give this place 10 out of 5 stars! It's great for art lovers, children, and lovers in general. Perfect first date place, fellas *wink wink*. Be sure to book in advance because the tickets will sell out on you. You won't regret it.


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