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So It's Been A Year...

Writing on this platform feels so foreign to me now, but my heart always feels so full once I click 'publish'. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know most of the craziness that's happened in my life. But let's rewind anyways!

Karissa Noelle in elevator

After I quit that crazy public relations job that I moved to NYC for, God and the universe just showed me that I was definitely making the right moves. Everything I'd been slaving for was just miraculously aligning.

Karissa Noelle with friends

I met some of my best friends and biggest supporters doing any and every odd job in the city. Somehow ya girl was a nanny, freelance public relations coordinator, and social media manager for multiple companies at the same time. Just know if it's one thing I'm gonna do, is get a bag. Ultimately, I landed the start of my dream NYC career at ELLE magazine. My time at ELLE has been so grounding and transformative. I couldn't have prayed for a better chapter entering 2022.

Karissa Noelle and Hillary in a elevator
Another elevator lol

I met the most incredible group of women in the fashion closet and honed in on my editorial craft working with the best writing team. If you didn't start your career as a fashion closet girly, I feel so sorry for you because you missed out on living.

My time at ELLE is coming to an end, but y'all already know I have things up my sleeve that I can't wait to share. It's always up for me and whoever I can take to the top too.

I moved into my apartment finally! The NYC housing is no joke and makes you want to physically fight. I am never moving again until it's time to say goodbye to the city forever. Shoutout to my best roomie Cocoa for being a rider dealing with lying realtors, cheating landlords, and speeding U-hauls on move-in day.

Corinthia, Bree, and Karissa Noelle in fake mustaches
Steve Harvey Party

It was also the first year I went to New York Fashion Week as an attendee, not behind the scenes. I loved getting the have the whole perspective, but it was so weird and a little stressful trying to put together fits for all the events. Public relations is easy because you have to wear all black.

I was definitely tried to played for a fool during NYFW, but I am unfuckwithable as I've said before. It doesn't work when I'm blessed and highly favored.

Moving on, I had a birthday! I'm now at an age where it's none of your business how old I am lol. As long as you think I look younger than I am, that's how old I am then.

Karissa Noelle wearing a crown in bed
Capricorn Queen

2022 was a memory that I'll go back to for a lifetime. Thank you to everyone who had a hand in making it so special for me and I hope I had the same effect on you. This blurb was all over the place, but like I said, it's only up from here and I'm taking whoever wants to come with me.


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