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Life Of YSL

Revolutionary and Yves Saint Laurent. I think those words could be interchangeable. He changed the way women viewed themselves. Similar to Alexander McQueen wanting you to fear women, but different that the fear came from respect and not actual fear. Saint Laurent was looked to for what was young and new for the generations. He was constantly inspired by the past and various cultures. I love that he was part of the select few of luxury designers who worked with Black models. Saint Laurent showcased their beauty without making a mockery of them, as we've seen in the past.

These iconic designs scream you are the baddest, boss lady to ever gift a man with your presence! Society has taken that concept and ran with it! Everything is about the sexiness and power that a woman possess. A lot of current brands modernize his collections, especially House of CB. Women get to re-live the elegance and fierceness of YSL still. Look familiar?

Saint Laurent changed the way I think. I knew from fashion history that women wore red wedding dresses instead of white because red was so expensive and rare. Never in a million years did I think I'd consider this idea again in the 2000s, but here I am. In love with the rarity of a red wedding dress in an era of white.

YSL red wedding dress

I strive to shock and awe. This color is definitely the way to go if you really want that unforgettable wedding day lol.


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