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La parisienne

In Paris, there's a term for the "iconic" french woman. She's beautiful. She's put together. She's anonymous. She's la parisienne.

It translates to 'French woman' in English, but has a deeper meaning in the French language. La parisienne is an aesthetic of natural beauty, poise and grace with a pinch of sass.

She has no face so I gave her one. Here are women that I love to love that I think fit la parisienne.

These women constantly uplift and empower others. They represent the beauty of the minority with the love of the majority. They are protective of their soulful minds while breaking down societal barriers. La parisienne is anything I want her to be. She doesn't have to originate from Paris. She's not only her looks. She's no longer anonymous, but you and me. She defies every label.


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