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La maison rose

I had no idea this place was "famous". I knew I was hungry, my friend wanted to eat here, and anything sounded good right then. La Maison Rose is the tiniest restaurant in the 18th arrondissement, probably not literally but to me it was. Although, the food made up for my spacial discomfort!

I ordered the 3-course lunch with a cappuccino. The cappuccino was great, as expected and I started with an arugula salad blanched in vinegar. Tangy and refreshing. I ordered the cod and potatoes. It's a dish I often enjoy so I thought nothing of ordering it here. Honey, I was shook when they brought our dishes. I thought they forgot the cod! Never have I had fish inside my potatoes. The potatoes were a giant, single croquette with the cod made into it. 3 words. Crispy, buttery, deliciousness!

Of course I had to have dessert! I couldn't decide on the carrot cake or the chocolate cake so I got both lol. Mr. chocolate cake was so rich and decadent, but I had to cheat on him with Monsieur carrot because he was so moist! I ate slow like one of those sensual cake commercials. Just sinful. Be sure to check out La Maison Rose on your next trip to Paris!


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