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I Run With Maud

Lord, why we gotta keep going through this crap?! Another hashtag. Another injustice. Another son. Another Black man. I'm fucking tired.

We can't drive, play at the park, or even run without being shot dead. Ahmaud Arbery was running in his neighborhood when two white supremacists drove up and shot him dead. This was three months ago and no arrests or charges have been made to Gregory McMichael and Travis McMichael.

Ahmaud Arbery

He was so beautiful. His smile. His skin. His welcoming eyes. How can anyone look at someone this beautiful and hate them enough to take their life? The fight for Black lives has never been over, but I want it to be. I want you to look at me and see me. We're still fighting just to be treated like people! I see myself and everyone I've met in this beautiful face. Lord I'm tired.

To people who hear these stories and continue to block it out because it's not you, I hope this makes you uncomfortable. Uncomfortable enough for you to do more than retweet, like, or post an RIP.

murderers Gregory and Travis McMichael

Get a good look at these MURDERERS. May they never know peace. The excuse is always we're violent, became agressive or the favorite "I feared for my life". How about if you're that afraid of Black folks, stop running up on us?

Watch the inhumane killing here: *graphic content*


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