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Hot Cocoa Weather

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! The festivities start early in Paris because there is no Thanksgiving, but we are all guilty of putting up our Christmas trees after Halloween in America. I am so excited because after Halloween is the best time of year. You have Thanksgiving, which means we about to get our grub on. Then there's Christmas and New Years with my birthday in between. The world will be fa la la la la-ing into 2020!

Friendsgiving in Paris

I started my holiday shenanigans with a delicious Friendsgiving at Bouillon Pigalle. It's the first time we all haven't been home for Thanksgiving and in a country where it's just a regular Thursday. I was feeling all the love, but I won't be missing next Thanksgiving. Momma, your food was missed extra hard that day!

Angelina hot chocolate Paris

Saturday was a day to brave the fierce winds and Parisian chill for Angelina's famous hot chocolate. Apparently, it's the best in all of Paris. Let me tell you that this was the thickest, richest hot chocolate I've ever had. Someone melted a chocolate bar and sold it to me in a cup. So good, but definitely spoils an appetite. Next stop, Christmas market by the Louvre! Anytime there's a market anywhere, just know that you're about to eat the best food you've ever had. I was not disappointed with a single purchase and happily waddled myself home.

Look at the cuteness on my walk home. I was scared I wouldn't feel the Christmas spirit, but it just may have found me after all.


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