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Holy Mother of Shoes

So many shoes and I only have two feet. Life can be so unfair. If there is anything I could have an unlimited supply of, it would be shoes. Shoes make or break an outfit like if I had on sweats and a hoodie with the latest sneakers, it automatically is a fit now. I visited 'Marche et Démarches' while in Paris. This was an exhibit on the history of shoes.

Friends at Marche et démanches

I know where that saying, "beauty is pain" came from because no one from the past had heard of functionality. The breaking of bones is a requirement to rock these heels, but I guess if the higher the heel, the closer you are to God so get the hammer ready! The only rule is that you never take them off. You chose to wear them so deal with the pain. My whole ankle could be broken but you won't catch my heel coming off.

All jokes aside, these designs had some negative societal effects. The second photo of ancient Chinese binding, which started at 6 years old, mothers would bind their daughter’s feet with wet cloths so that the toes could grow under the foot and the arch could bend to the most unnatural degree. It was a sign of wealth since you couldn't be on your feet all day like the average farm girl.

I get it. Most people would do anything to feel beautiful. I'd definitely wear those 'break your ankle' Louboutins and the glass slippers. Who didn't aspire to be Cinderella growing up? One pair of shoes changed her life. We continue to design more outrageous shoes to potentially kill ourselves walking in, but like my favorite quote..."Life is short. Buy the shoes".


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