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Have a Hair Free Day

So many of us are tired of shaving, ingrown hairs and extremely painful waxing. I started with a razor like most pre-teens, but wasn't satisfied the not-so-smooth results and irritating regrowth. Waxing gave me smooth results, but with the consequence of swelling and pain. I came to the realization I just hate bodily hair and never wanted it to grow back.

SEV laser's nurse lasering patient armpits

The only permanent solution I found was laser hair removal, so I started researching. Laser hair removal didn’t exist for anyone with large amounts of melanin because lasers couldn’t detect the difference between brown skin and black hair. This caused stripping of skin color, hyperpigmentation and scarring. Thanks to tech advancements, we have the YAG and Diode lasers for people of color because of their ability to detect close color differences.

I also watched Jackie Aina’s video on her experience with laser hair removal because she has beautiful dark skin and has proven to be trustworthy. Jackie did not specifically recommend SEV Laser, but her video led me to them.

I fell in love with the luxury, glam aesthetic of all the locations. I felt safe knowing all the technicians are licensed with registered nurse experience. SEV is a Christian woman-owned company, so I value that they share the same beliefs I do and I get to support another lady entrepreneur. SEV has reputable clients like the Kardashian/Jenners, Karrueche, Sophia Richie etc.

I got a full brazilian, which is your whole private area including the inner buttocks. The whole process was 5-10 minutes and I really didn’t feel a thing! The first couple zaps are like a tiny rubber band popping, but the cooling air coming from an attachment quickly makes the heat disappear. I was very comfortable even though my most intimate areas were exposed. I was given aloe vera to immediately apply after because the laser can be drying and uncomfortable. I didn't have any swelling, redness or pain later in the day, but it is normal if you do.

Lasering is perfect for men and women. It's okay if you have tattoos because they cover them before before starting your procedure. I love that laser hair removal can help lighten dark spots. A lot of people's underarms and private areas are darker than the rest of their body. Lasering prevents and fixes the ingrown hairs that cause that darker pigment in those areas. It's a two for one with having no hair and an even skin tone!

If you're considering laser hair removal, I recommend SEV. I'm a forever client now and super excited to be as smooth as the day I was born. Make sure you haven't waxed or tweezed in 4 weeks otherwise they can't laser you because you've pulled out the hair follicle. Anything you need to know and booking information is linked below. Have a hair free day!


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