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Germany architecture

Y'all! Germany looks like a postcard! The landscapes and towns are so vibrant and beautiful. I spent most of my time hiking in the Black Forest and eating schnitzel! Of course I did not dress appropriately for hiking, but I made it to the top of the waterfall in my skinny jeans and Pumas. Most of the seasoned hikers had on proper attire and equipment. I saw lots of outdoor boots and Columbia jackets, which really made me regret taking my hiking boots out of my suitcase.

posing by waterfall in Germany

I am very happy with my coincidental choice of earth tones for this trip. My crop jacket matched the trees, charcoal jeans with the hiking trail, and beige bodysuit with everything else. I'm definitely a walking aesthetic lol!

While the local hiking fashion isn't so exciting, the architecture and landscapes are breathtaking! I truly believe that some places cannot be captured by anything other than the eye and this is on of those places. I found myself admiring everything with my camera inside my bag. I didn't want to share the views digitally because I want everyone to experience this in person.

Fun Fact! Black Forest, Germany is the setting of most Brothers Grimm fairy tales! Ughhh I can't wait to return and live my best fairy tale life!

hilltop view of Germany

German landscape


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