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Green Is The New Black

While studying abroad in Paris, I had the opportunity to intern with Chaussettes Orphelines. They're a French based clothing company who focuses on sustainability. My time with them has come to an end, but I learned so much! I didn't realize how much damage the fashion industry alone does to the planet. I was super excited to learn that there are a few easy ways to combat the fast fashion industry.

1. Try not to give into the fashion trends. If you don't see yourself wearing it in 6 months to a year, don't buy it.

2. Resale or recycle your old clothes. There are so many places online and in store, that will buy your old clothes from you. There are also donation sites in every major city around the world.

3. Support small businesses. Many of your local start up companies will not be involved with sweat shops and chemical producing factories. Most of their products are locally and ethically made.

modeling Chaussettes Orphelines knitwear

All the clothes and accessories are made of recycled fabric from used socks! People donate socks and they are striped down and made into new thread for knitwear. There aren't a a lot of resale shops in Paris that will buy clothes from the public. Almost all the vintage/resale shops I visited had their own sellers and the shops that do buy from the public, wanted more designer pieces. Chaussettes Orphelines is one of many sustainable companies that the French need. When people have all these clothes/ accessories they can't do anything with, they can donate knowing they will be recycled properly.

girl friends modeling Chaussettes Orphelines

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