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First Time Lovers

My time in Paris is coming to an end unfortunately, but there's so much that I haven't done yet. Today was one for the books! The rain finally slowed up and the temperature rose. First stop was the 'I Love You' Wall.

standing by I Love You Wall

This beautiful tile-work features I love you in every language. It's the perfect place to visit with your favorite person. That's why i went by myself lol! This was probably one of my favorite Paris winter looks because it was the most comfortable. Leggings, oversized sweater and scarf with the socks pulled over the pants. Stunna lmaooo.

Pain Vin Fromage restaurant Paris

I couldn't be a hot my whole life so I changed for dinner. Mom jeans, Supergas, and fur trimmed coat to keep it comfy and presentable. My roommate, Stephanie and I had not had fondue before and what better place to try it than Paris. Pain Vin Fromage is supposed to be one of the best fondue restaurants in Paris so this is my unofficial official "Yelp" review.

inside Pain Vin Fromage

5 stars on the ambience and architecture alone! Y'all know I love a good aesthetic and the underground stone walls were doing everything for me. The place is teeny tiny but evokes a homey feel. Waiters speak english for the struggling foreigners like myself. Now on to the food.

fondue at Pain Vin Fromage

Fondue is just hot melted cheese that comes with bread. We purchased meat and potatoes to dip as well. For my Southern lovers and flavorful bitties, be aware that nothing comes seasoned. I added salt and pepper to the fondue, but the point is to enjoy the natural flavors.

I'm giving the food a 7 out of 10. I would have loved for the cheese to not just be melted cheese. I also was expecting actual cooked meat like chicken, steak etc and not just prosciutto and salami. Y'all can make this at home but go for the experience. I do not regret eating here but I won't be eating fondue again.


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