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Fall Breeze & Autumn Leaves

J. Crew navy trench coat

The wind is blowing and temperatures are dropping. You guessed it. Autumn is making her grand entrance.

Hello, Fall. I've been waiting for you.

There are two reasons I love the colder months.

1) Holidays are coming

2) I get to wear boots and coats

red trench coat and boots

This is the go to look of the season every year. It's easy and chic. I have a multitude of coats in my closet to make any outfit a double-looker. A structured coat makes anyone look like they know what they are doing and what they are talking about.

Unlike the simpler puffer coat, the trench coat says I'm busy, balanced and still fashionable.

trench coat and mom jeans

In the words of icon, Victoria Beckham, " I can't concentrate in flat shoes". That's why we have thick-heeled boots, hun. They provide the boss lady appearance of high heels but the comfort of a flatform shoe. ​Bonus if the boots have a statement design!

The earthy tones of fall clothes can be the perfect match for bright colored items. Mix and match! Don't be afraid of that yellow coat or those suede, color block boots.

color block trench coat

There's lots more that I have coming this season. Stay tuned. 💋


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