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I am appalled. Disgusted. Guilty.

Who INTENTIONALLY tries to wipe out a group of people?! The last I remember of stuff like this happening is Native Americans and the Holocaust. I'm tired of trying to get people to open their eyes and give a fuck. I am one person and I wish I had more power to make immediate change happen.

Dying Yemen child

Yemen is suffering from the worst humanitarian crisis in the last 100 years. They're in the middle of an epidemic (Cholera), a pandemic (Covid-19), a famine/water shortage, and in the middle of a war. It's predicted that corona virus will wipe the Yemen population out permanently. The United States is helping fund the war with Saudi Arabia against Yemen, under the guise of "helping to ensure peace and stability". GTFO!

Does this look like a place that wasn't stable and thriving? The data I'm about to provide is from the Legal Center for Rights and Development in 2018. Keep in mind that the numbers are higher now that it's 2020.

  • 17.8 million Yemenis are food insecure with 8.4 million at risk for starvation

  • 1.2 million government employees are not being paid

  • 12 granaries destroyed (store houses for grains/bread)

  • 722 food stores destroyed

  • 1,900 health facilities no longer in working conditions

  • 6,000 doctors have left Yemen

Airports, roads and bridges have been destroyed along with communication and electrical stations. I could give y'all numbers all day, but we need to humanize Yemenis. The world has turned away because they see it as another Brown on Brown country war, countries have their hands in the destruction, or both.

Nobody wants to hear "I'm guilty of being blind to the world" or "I'm sorries". Let's take action together. Below I have linked petitions and charities accepting donations. Keep posting spreading the news that the media isn't. No one deserves to feel like they're the last of their people and the world doesn't care.


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