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Hey y'all! I tried making a voiceover video on how I edit my photos with the Facetune and Photo Editor apps. This was first time making one of these so no judging lol. But I am always open to constructive criticism so leave a comment if you have some better tricks! My first tip is your starting photo has to be halfway decent before any editing. That includes not having a filter, so I don't recommend snapchat or instagram's camera.

This is the photo I'm going to be editing and as you can see it's a pretty good photo from the jump. If your photo is blurry, busy in the background or dark, you need to retake it because it's going to be hell to edit. Sidenote: I used a screen recorder app to make this. The first video is Facetune and the second video is Photo Editor.

If you are just completely confused on what I was doing, I have attached the video I learned how to acetone with. Youtuber Teaira Walker is who got me hooked on facetune. I hope y'all liked it!


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