Day to Night Blackout

It's the holiday season and the last thing on my mind is dressing up. My morning attempts to look presentable usually end up in a sweater, leggings, and Uggs. I take full advantage of being lazy and using the excuse that it's cold outside. fashion blog

As my birthday nears, [it's Dec. 30th if you were gonna wish me a happy birthday ] I decided to put in some effort. The goal was an easy look that appeared as if I tried. fashion blog

ASOS crop top & Fashion Nova pants

Instead of the trendy winter colors of green, burgundy, and metallics, I kept it classic with black. Black is slimming and compliments any skin tone. Black is the go-to color for a night on the town [To be nightclub-ready, apply a dark lip and switch the wrap top for a black leather jacket]. fashion blog

ColourPop Lipstick

I'm a minimalist when it comes to accessorizing. My bald head and confidence are enough to upgrade any look. Rhinestone studs are my favorite accessory and I never take these off. I would have paired this neckline with a small gold necklace, but the choker did the trick. fashion blog

EGO official platform boots

The cotton wrap top and crop linen pants make this outfit as comfortable as a sweater and Uggs. I encourage you to experiment and make my blackout look your own. Heat up these cold winter nights with some hot threads and high heels. fashion blog

Bandeau choker ASOS | 3/4 sleeve wrap top Forever 21 | Linen tie pants Fashion Nova | Platform booties Ego Official fashion blog


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