Purple Shade

It's such a great day! We have a new president and a Black woman for the vice-president. The educated, powerful ladies of this country did not come to play! I see an assortment of colors and my heart is so full with the meanings behind the attire.

I grew up being told the color purple represents royalty and transformation. It's the color worn by kings and queens to show their power and prestige. We wear purple for the grandest ceremonies and celebrations when white just won't cut it. Madam VP's position represents this country's transformation into a better tomorrow. The double-breasted coat and matching dress were made by designer, Christopher John Rogers. The look was completed with pearl accessories, which were a nod to her Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority. The founders of AKA are referred to as the "Twenty Pearls" and each new member is given a badge with 20 pearls. If we go back to President Obama's inauguration, you'll see that Malia and Sasha Obama both wore royal purple to the event. Deep, royal purple is another main color in Black American heritage that stands as a reminder of the royalty we are and power we've always had.

Sasha and Malia Obama in purple coats

The colors worn also showed a turning over. Michelle Obama wore burgundy to President Biden's inauguration and Trump's inauguration. Dr. Jill Biden wore a beautiful turquoise coat and dress to this year's inauguration. Melania wore blue to Donald's inauguration. I don't think this will be a new tradition for the First Lady to wear blue to the inauguration. I think this styling was more on the shady side for both Michelle and Dr. Jill. In the future, when you google 'First Lady blue dress', there is a greater chance that Dr. Jill's photos will appear before Melania. Had Dr. Jill wore any other color Melania would still appear first on google images. The same for googling 'Michelle Obama burgundy suit inauguration'; President Biden's inauguration will appear over Trump's.

This could be my overactive imagination and the coincidences mean nothing, but I highly doubt I'm wrong. We all wear clothes as statements to who we are, what we believe and what we want to say. Every outfit detail was planned and done with purpose. All these women, even Melania, looked amazing. I'm looking forward to

Dr. Jill Biden and Madam Kamala Harris representing America in all it's glory.


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