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Chin Up Kiddo

This week has been the crappiest week ever. I needed a restart and fast forward to the weekend. I went to lunch with my bestie, Muminah, and reflected on the challenges I was having to deal with. Most problems were from my own doings but once the issues were out of my control, I was still worrying about them. If you've done everything you can and still no change for the better, forget about it. You probably won't remember what was even dampening your mood in a weeks time.

smiling woman at 'The Classic' Houston

My week may have improved if I just let everything go. I'm adding 'out of my hands, not my problem' to my list of mantras. I needed to take my week back and make it what I wanted. I got up early, put on some makeup, and wore something cute to lift my spirits. Life not going how you expected? Assess and change it! *Sidenote* I got sooooo many compliments on this sweater! Ladies thought it was vintage Chanel and even some men stopped to compliment the design. This sweater is from Forever 21 and it is the softest thing I've ever felt. Okay now back to me.

January was full of sadness and the sun literally barely came out. Let's just count the start of 2020 as a test run because honey I was tested. Today is February 1st and I'm starting my day with a smile and lots of laughter. Maybe this year will be the worst year I don't know, but be your own reminder to smile and laugh through it.


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